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Fine Arts

“For whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  I Corinthians 10:31

It is the goal of Merritt Island Christian School to do all things with excellence, and all for the glory of God. This is the focus of the Fine Arts Department at MICS. From an Elementary student taking a final bow at the conclusion of a Broadway Junior production, to a Middle School student putting the final touches on a 3-D art project, to a High School honors vocal student singing in the All-State Choir, achieving excellence to give glory to God is always the primary goal.

The MICS Fine Arts Department is comprised of many strong programs. There are also areas of opportunity for specialization within the department including honor society memberships and even a Fine Arts Diploma. Since the school is blessed with numerous talented students who routinely achieve success at higher levels, both the students and the school are regularly recognized at state and national events.

The highly qualified faculty of the Fine Arts department has a distinct love, not only for the program, but a passion for each student as well. It is the caring attitude and commitment of the teachers, combined with the dedication of each of the students that makes the Fine Arts Department the perfect complement to the academic rigor that is also provided at MICS.

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Elementary Visual Arts Program

Art is one of the weekly enrichment classes in the elementary curriculum. Through hands-on experiences, students learn the seven elements of art: color, line, shape, space, texture, and value. Students practice these design elements through a variety of mediums including papier-mâché, watercolor, oil pastels, artist chalk, charcoal, and artist clay. Students who show a marked interest or who excel in their weekly class projects are given opportunities to enter their artwork into various local and state competitions.

Elementary Performing Arts Program

The goal of the elementary music program is to develop a love for music and to build self-confidence and performance skills.

In the classroom, students experience a wide variety of musical opportunities. Besides the basics of singing, playing rhythm instruments, and general musical knowledge, students learn the fundamentals of drama, dance, and music theory. They also have multiple performance opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge for friends and family throughout the year.

One such performance is a themed variety-style concert which includes all 1st through 6th graders. Another is a full Broadway Junior musical production which involves the 4th-6th graders.

For students who would like to participate in music beyond their enrichment class, MICS offers the following two elementary level performance groups:

ENCORE (3rd Graders) – This is a training group for the SHOWSTOPPERS. Members learn to dance and sing as an ensemble, and they perform in various school and community events throughout the year.

SHOWSTOPPERS (4th – 6th Graders) – This is a competition show choir that requires an audition for membership. The SHOWSTOPPERS are a highly dedicated troupe of students who perform all over the community as a ministry of MICS. They also regularly receive Superior ratings and top honors for their participation in various contests. Most recently they were awarded First Place/Superior in the Show Choir Category and the overall Grand Champion Choral Award for their participation at the Music USA Festival at Universal Studios in 2018. They also received the 2016 Grand Marshall/Judges Choice Award for their performance at the Merritt Island Holiday Parade. The 6th grade Showstoppers competed for the first time in the 2016-2017 District Junior Thespian Festival and earned seven Superior and two Best of Show distinctions. Each group went on to score all Superior awards at the State level competition in Orlando.

Secondary Visual Arts Program

Students at the middle school level may continue in their study of art by taking it as an elective.  This course continues to build on the elements of art, but through design-based assignments using a variety of mediums.  The middle school art curriculum also incorporates art appreciation.

Students at the middle school level may continue in their study of art by taking it as an elective. The course continues to build on the elements of art, but through design-based assignments using a variety of mediums. The middle school art curriculum also incorporates art appreciation.

High school students are offered a variety of classes in studio art. Drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture are all taught at different levels. Students have the opportunity to show their work in various venues throughout the year. For the more serious art student, an Advanced Placement (AP) course is offered allowing students to earn college credit.

Photography classes are also available at the high school level. Students learn the fundamentals of photography and digital photo editing which they apply to yearbook production and general school media publicity.
MICS is proud to offer visual arts students the opportunity for membership in the National Art Honor Society. Eligible students maintain their artistic volunteer hours by assisting with set design for the school musical productions.

Secondary Performing Arts Program

At the secondary level, students may continue their involvement in music and theater through the MICS Secondary Performing Arts Program. Performing groups include:

Middle School Chorus (Grades 7-8)

Concert Choir (Grades 9-12)

Honors Ensemble (Grades 9-12)
*Audition only/Honors credit

Drama/Musical Theater (Grades 9-12)

Praise Team/Worship Leaders

Choral Work
All choral groups perform a wide variety of both sacred and secular choral literature ranging from classical to contemporary. Students progress through increasingly higher levels of vocal production and techniques, sight reading ability, music theory, and ensemble skills. Performance opportunities include such diverse experiences as traditional choral concerts, weekly praise and worship leading, small group community performances, and fully choreographed Broadway production numbers. Students also participate in yearly Florida Vocal Association competitions such as MPAs, Choral Solo & Ensemble, and All State Chorus.

MICS is active in the International Thespian Honors Society and maintains both a Junior and Senior Thespian Troupe. Middle School Chorus students are given instruction in the disciplines of music, drama, and dance, and they culminate each year with participation in a Broadway musical production. This is in addition to their traditional choral concerts. The members of the high school choirs also continue to advance their skill in the areas of drama and dance within certain choral genres. This past Spring, the entire Secondary Choral Department produced the full Broadway version of THE WIZARD OF OZ, accompanied by a live orchestra of professional musicians.

Performing groups from MICS consistently earn top ratings at District and State competitions with both the Florida Vocal Association and the Florida State Thespian Society. The Concert Choir has performed in the Candlelight Processional at Epoct, and the Honors Ensemble recently scored the Grand Champion Award for their performance at the Universal Studios Music USA Festival. In addition, many talented soloists compete successfully each year in the NATS, All-State, and FVA Solo Competitions.

For students who would like to pursue a more individualized plan of music study, there are many private lesson options available during the school day at MICS.

Private Piano & Voice Lessons

piano-studentMICS believes in providing an environment of learning that encourages balance in every area of a student’s life. Private music lessons help students develop artistic thinking, mathematical reasoning, offer musical history, theory, technique, and promote self-confidence. All of this is possible along with the convenience of lessons being scheduled as part of the student’s day at school. Please contact the MICS admissions office for current pricing and registration information.

Private Voice Instruction
Merritt Island Christian School is pleased to offer private voice instruction. Lessons are available to elementary students in grades 3-6 and secondary students in grades 7-12. Private voice students are eligible and encouraged to compete in the district and state solo voice competitions. All voice lessons are scheduled one day each week for 30 minutes.

Private Piano Instruction
Merritt Island Christian School has offered quality private piano instruction for more than 25 years. Lessons take place once a week for 30 minutes at a time, and students have the opportunity to perform for their friends and family during a scheduled recital at the end of each semester. Private piano instruction is available to all MICS students enrolled in grades K-12.

Private Instrumental Instruction
Most recently, Merritt Island Christian School has been able to offer private lessons for the majority of orchestral instruments. Students in grades 6-12 who would like to learn to play from the brass, woodwind, string, or percussion families are eligible for lessons. All levels are welcome and a rent-to-own program is available for students who need to purchase their own instrument. Private lessons take place one day each week for 30 minutes. Proficient instrumentalists are invited to play with the weekly worship team musicians, and at school sporting events.