Middle School Program

7th-8th Grades

Kathy Verano
Secondary Principal

The social and physical changes taking place during middle school provide students a unique opportunity to engage and direct their emerging energies and abilities toward academic, spiritual, and social development.

Academic studies at the middle school level allow students to begin to apply their general knowledge toward more focused areas of study.  Success begins in focusing on critical thinking, decision making, study skills, and personal organization.  The middle school curriculum is a more progressive, academically enhanced program that allows students to transition to the challenge of honors, dual enrollment, and AP courses when they move to the high school level.

Characteristics of Young Adolescents

  • Engage in self-exploration and self-definition
  • Need and want positive relationships with peers and adults
  • Have a high energy level or may, at times,  be lethargic
  • Need structure and clearly set limits
  • As a group, they are very diverse
  • Need and want higher levels of independence
  • Need opportunities to succeed