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Are you planning on playing a college sport?  Then you will be required to register with the NCAA Clearninghouse.

The NCAA Eligibility Center works to ensure that all athletes looking to compete at the DI and DII levels have complied with the rules of the NCAA and are held to the same standards as all college student-athletes.

The NCAA Eligibility Center looks at a student’s academic records, including high school transcripts, core courses, and SAT/ACT scores, and athletics history to determine whether they will become eligible to compete in college.

The Eligibility Center also determines an athlete’s amateur status. This means that an athlete must have remained a non-professional within their sport.

Doing things like signing a contract with a pro team, earning a stipend, and collecting prize money can all affect your eligibility when you start looking to get recruited.  For more details and to register click on the above NCAA Clearinghouse link.

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